The Heli Sewa Portal is an initiative of Ministry of Civil Aviation and a platform to create an ecosystem between the helicopter operators and the district authorities to promote travel, tourism and enhance last mile connectivity. It will further boost the helicopter industry and economy on national level.

The Heli Sewa platform will facilitate operators to file their landing requests and intimate the district authorities online using digital platform to undertake commitments at short notice for the corporate, charter, VIP flying, HEMS, Medical sorties, etc.

This platform will facilitate the helicopter operators to obtain permissions, approvals and clearances, etc. within 48 hours and will thus reduce the hurdles of obtaining permissions in physical format.

The Heli Sewa is a dynamic portal and will also act as a ready reckoner for the operators and district authorities with an option to update new helipads being developed over a period of time.

The district authorities have the facility to upload/ update helipad details in their respective districts specifying the available infrastructure at the respective helipads for the convenience of the helicopter operators.