A seamless Single Window Digital Access between the operators and authorities to communicate information about helicopter operations. The purpose of 'HeliSewa' portal is to facilitate quicker processing of operational approvals for landing at helipads thereby improving the ease of doing business, and empowering the public / helicopter operators to have access to information.
An Air Operator who is having a valid AOP No , Operator Id and a registered email Id with DGCA can log in on the portal using the option “ Air Operator Login”. In case you are not having a valid email id and AOP No , You may contact to the concerned division of DGCA.
An The Government Officials can log in on the portal using his/her NIC email Id and password using the option “Government Login” through NIC Parichay Service.
A Single Sign on Service is being provided by NIC under the various Government services to secure log-in purpose.
A user must have a NIC email Id. Enter NIC email Id and Password. An OTP is sent on the registered mobile no attached to email id. After verification of OTP, login access is granted on the portal.
Please refer to the Operational Manual available on the portal for step-by-step operations.
Helicopter operators would submit a request for operations into a particular helicopter landing site and indicate the broad requirements of a helipad on a particular date and period. It is often miscomprehended that approval of district administration is required for helicopter operations but it may be noted that permission is required from the owner of the helipad area and only intimation needs to be provided to the district administration about the planned helicopter operation. This implies a tacit concurrence unless otherwise refused.
If the proposed landing area is contained within a public area or establishment, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the government appointed custodian of that establishment as being the owner would be necessitated. Similarly, if the helicopter landing area is contained within a private property, the consent of the owner of that land would be required. Unless the district administration considers that operating the helicopter can metamorphose into an adverse law and order situation, or create an unsafe act to public or property, any refusal should be promptly conveyed to the helicopter operator. This would enable the charterer who is undertaking travel at considerable expense, to minimize impact to his travel plans and limit expenditure due to cancellation at the last moment.
As per the filled proposed landing operation details by the AOP, a system generated email from noreply-helisewa[at]gov[dot]in is sent to NIC official email Id of the concerned District Collector/Magistrate for further necessary action. So the selection of State and District Name for the proposed landing must be correct to avoid any delay.
The AOP can check the status of the request on the portal by logging and email.
You may send an email to support-helisewa[at]gov[dot]in . You may also contact to the officer mentioned in the Contacts.